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Outsourced Accounting

Dear esteemed job seekers,

We are excited to announce that there are some amazing career opportunities available in the accounting and sales industry. We are currently on the lookout for highly talented and motivated individuals to join our team and fill the positions of Accounts Assistant and Salesman. These opportunities are with a highly reputable and rapidly growing trading and repairs company located in beautiful Ajman.

For the position of Accounts Assistant, we require a candidate who possesses valuable accounting experience and who is willing to stay in our luxurious staff accommodation in Ajman. In addition, we are looking for an experienced Salesman who is well-versed with accounting software and products, as well as being comfortable with travelling extensively across Dubai and the Northern Emirates. This position also requires a high degree of enthusiasm and a willingness to perform outdoor sales.

We highly encourage candidates with backgrounds in accounting to apply for the Salesman position. You can submit your CV by sending us an email at info@anantaraaccounting.com. This is an amazing opportunity that you definitely don’t want to miss out on. We eagerly look forward to hearing from you and helping you to achieve your career aspirations.