Accounting Services

Accounting Services

Unleash the Power of Cutting-Edge Accounting Services in Dubai, UAE.

At Anantara Accounting we provide cutting-edge accounting services that empower businesses with expertise, innovation, and technology. We use advanced automation tools, cloud-based platforms, cash flow optimization and growth opportunities. We ensure compliance with regulations, provide real-time reporting, and help forecast future scenarios.

Internal Audit

Internal control systems for your safety and growth

We review and report on your existing accounting systems and software. We also review your tax compliance. In the process we guide you to improve and innovate and help you grow your business.

Our experience over the years helps us to locate weaknesses in your financial and operational procedures and software, including inventory control, logistics, management reporting systems, cash flow and budgeting. 

Inventory Management

Inventory Management Systems and Solutions

Whether you are a trading company dealing with large number of items, or a manufacturing entity dealing with raw material, spare parts etc., we help you with organising your inflow, storage and outflow of material. 

We ensure that you reduce your costs of inventory storage and become more efficient. Our experience in software and in inventory storage facilities helps us to guide you in the shortest time to improve your existing systems.

Audit Assistance

Financial and Tax Audits assistance

When you want to get your financial accounts audited or face a tax audit, we provide you with complete set of accounting books, records and financial reports required by the auditors. We support you throughout the process of audit so that your audit is completed in the most efficient manner.