VAT Consultancy

VAT Registration


Businesses in the UAE must meet the criteria given by the Federal Tax Authority of UAE to register for Value Added Tax (VAT). It is mandatory to register for VAT after a business crosses the threshold of supplies and imports or taxable expenses of AED 375,000. A business may register voluntarily if it crosses the threshold of AED 187,500.

At Anantara Accounting, we guide you on the requirements of VAT registration and we also review and prepare all your documents for VAT registration and make sure that your VAT registration is done correctly and in full compliance of the requirements of the law.

VAT De-registration

In the UAE, deregistering from Value-Added Tax (VAT) can be costly. Businesses meeting specific criteria can deregister; however, those who don’t comply with regulation can face hefty penalty fines. Businesses registered for VAT with an annual income exceeding AED 375,000 must register and submit VAT returns. The process for VAT deregistration is straightforward, with businesses applying through the FTA portal. An attested trade license, Emirates ID, and a no-objection certificate from the UAE Ministry of Economy are some of the required documents. Penalty fines for not complying with deregistration regulations are on the FTA’s website. UAE-based Anantara Accounting, the country’s leading VAT consultant, provides step-by-step guidance to avoid penalties.